We fill the vacuum … and set standards for others!

We manage all known pests!

Welcome to Primon Enterprises, Malawi's leading pest management company

Primon Enterprises is a registered Malawian Company that offers Integrated Pest Management Services. The Company has a well trained team that is consummate in local and international standards. This gives us a competitive advantage over others in the pest control arena.

listOUR MISSION is to provide integrated pest management services that are environmentally efficient and promote public health to both corporate and individual clients.

listOUR VISION is to become a world-class pest management firm and consulting group that sets exacting standards in dealing with pests in the ways that foster protection of the environment, the public, as well as workers while ensuring high quality workmanship and satisfactory services approved by all stakeholders.

This is achieved through the following ways:

listInvestment in research and technology

listInvestment in operator training

listCooperation with Government Research Institutes and Regulatory bodies

Our commitment to high environmental ethics and public health standards has enabled us to gain customer trust and a sound customer relationship. These emanate from our mission and vision which act as our springboard for our daily and long-term operational standards.